Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy...?

Nutritional Therapy with naturopathic principles merges the
intricacy of modern science-based biology with the wisdom of the past.

 Recent innovations in the science of human health have allowed us to truly delve deeper into the complex interactions and interplay
between different body systems. There is little doubt that the body must be
treated as a whole, and not merely as individual parts.

Using functional laboratory testing, specific questionnaires
and a wealth of knowledge based on up-to-date scientific literature, it is
clear that many disease states originate when the body loses homeostasis
(natural balance).

This may be due to an excess of environmental toxins and/or heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, bacterial/viral/fungal infections, metabolic abnormalities, genetic predisposition and more.

We here at Samuel James Nutritional Therapy view every individual as unique and therefore acknowledge that every person requires a different approach.

You are uniquely complex and every protocol must reflect this.

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Samuel James Thomas - Dip CNM

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About Samuel..

Samuel is native to the U.K, where he studied with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Birmingham.
His drive to see change and growth in the minds of his clients ensures that you will be treated as a person, not a set of symptoms.

“My passion is to see the spread of necessary knowledge, so that every person will have the tools to take charge of their basic health.

Many debilitating and chronic conditions are surprisingly preventable. Small incremental changes in diet and lifestyle can ensure that an already healthy person remains healthy.
However, when we allow things to build up and go past the point where our bodies can support us; negative health conditions may occur.

My journey started as a result of witnessing many family members with auto-immune conditions, gradually decline in health. Their own journeys forced them to look for alternative health options.

One of the main issues was that they were being looked at by various conventional health practitioners as a diagnosis; a condition, and were subsequently then being treated solely for their symptoms.”